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Thursday, 3 November 2011

November Book Selections (Goodreads)

   So there I was strolling past the mirror with very few cares about anything in particular, when I  found myself returning to said mirror very suddenly and with a certain degree of confusion.  "Why are you smiling?" I asked myself.  "Well," I answered, now feeling somewhat embarrassed by the fact that I was still wearing my favourite 'Batman' costume, "your book (Words to the Wise: Book One (The Awakening) is one of three that's just been chosen for the Goodreads 'November Book Selections'".  I already knew this, of course, I just thought I'd state it in front of the mirror whilst dressed as 'Batman'; strangely enough it had more of an effect than when I attempted the same thing just minutes earlier whilst wearing my 'Little Bo Peep' costume.
   Then I drifted off into reverie and found myself once more in the dark isle of Puddlefish, an arid place roofed by a sky of undulating water.  I found myself resting in a village called 'Mackerel's Wash'.  Comprising just one fish-textured high-rise edifice, the people there decided many years ago to fashion their entire village skywards instead of across the plains.  This information was brought to me by whispering odious zephyrs that travel throughout the village, since I'm yet to encounter a living being.  What has all of this really taught me so far? That perhaps I shouldn't spend too much time staring into mirrors whilst dressed as 'Batman'.

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