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Friday, 21 October 2011

Progress and darkish thoughts

   Well, here I am.  I've returned to Book Four and have become inadvertently entwined with my own meticulous nature.  Instead of continuing from where I left off, I decided to arrest my thoughts and begin in the middle.  There were various things I had to alter, you see, and with these alterations came one of those accompanying extras that so effortlessly plague me on more occasions than I care to recall; continuity.  Once I changed one aspect of the narrative, I was compelled to change the rest.  This will take me several days and will quite possibly involve a fleet of psychiatrists, but it shall be done.
   It's a strange thing, however, that whilst writing I suddenly became preoccupied with an imaginary dark isle called Puddlefish, an isle located on the back of a giant cantankerous haddock.  I feel as though such a place needs to be explored, so I will disclose more about this alternate universe as I progress with Book Four. Did I mention also that I shall soon be editing Book Three?  There will undoubtedly be some odd times ahead.  Bear with me.

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