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Friday, 21 October 2011

Progress and darkish thoughts

   Well, here I am.  I've returned to Book Four and have become inadvertently entwined with my own meticulous nature.  Instead of continuing from where I left off, I decided to arrest my thoughts and begin in the middle.  There were various things I had to alter, you see, and with these alterations came one of those accompanying extras that so effortlessly plague me on more occasions than I care to recall; continuity.  Once I changed one aspect of the narrative, I was compelled to change the rest.  This will take me several days and will quite possibly involve a fleet of psychiatrists, but it shall be done.
   It's a strange thing, however, that whilst writing I suddenly became preoccupied with an imaginary dark isle called Puddlefish, an isle located on the back of a giant cantankerous haddock.  I feel as though such a place needs to be explored, so I will disclose more about this alternate universe as I progress with Book Four. Did I mention also that I shall soon be editing Book Three?  There will undoubtedly be some odd times ahead.  Bear with me.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The story so far

I studied Gothic literature for some time, and developed a passion for the often baroque manner of writing employed by novelists such as Ann Radcliffe, and later Gothic/horror writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries such as Poe and Lovecraft.

I suppose my aim was to recreate a certain style of writing that was popularised during these periods, an ornate and yet still atmospheric form of prose used to draw in the reader, and envelop them in billows of periodic eeriness. It was also my intention to create a journey, since I do so very much love a literary journey. I like nothing more than to imagine the readers feeling as though they need to shake the dust off their feet once they have read the final word; although that may be pushing things a little beyond expectation.

So far things are going very well. I've had a few favourable reviews from like-minded sorts who also enjoy this particular approach to the Gothic engine, which certainly helps to fuel my intent in regards to completing the saga.

As for when it will be completed, I would say I'm probably a couple of years away yet. Book Three has already been written, and I'm currently writing Book Four; there will be five or possibly six in the entire saga.

I shall very soon be editing Book Three for publication.  In the meantime I have to get used to the fact that I now have a blog.  I shall post updates where necessary.