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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodreads: a very rewarding experience

As you might know - if indeed you have been following this blog with all the eagerness of a passionate revolutionary - my book 'Words to the Wise: Book One (The Awakening)' was one of those chosen for the 'November Selections' on the 'UK Amazon Kindle Forum', which is discoverable on the Goodreads website.  I must submerge my silliness in seriousness for just a moment and state, for the record, that it has been an extremely pleasing experience for me.  Aside from the amiable atmosphere inherent within the site (courtesy of those who visit and post therein), I must say that the manner in which the book has been received has very much  opened my eyes wider than if I had gazed upon the most beauteous vista with all of its splendour and spectacle attached.  A large number of the comments referred to those aspects of the novel that I would've deemed negligible to the reader, but I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that many of the nuances I had injected into the vein of the work were certainly more than discernible beneath the skin of its cover.

Overall, this has been an extremely fulfilling month for me so far.  To all those who read and enjoyed the work, and to all those who posted their comments and joined in with the discussions, I say thank you all very much ... it has been a real pleasure.

P.S. I promise that my next post will rejoin the realms of the ridiculous.


  1. As a 'passionate revolutionary' I am so pleased that you felt the month went well from your point of view. When you are famous, remember who made you a star!

  2. From my point of view, Mrs. Heaven? Is there another point of view that I should be made aware of? It'll be pistols at dawn, I tell you, if there's a contradictory view out there. Give me names! I'll go a hunting for those wascally wabbits. On a more serious note, though, I've had a great time over there at Goodreads.

    I'll never forget who made me a star; actually I have it here with me.