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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sirrenvaag - the blurb!

   As the unsightly structures of Sirrenvaag unfurl amidst a dissipating mist, The Wanderer prepares to confront his own past in a town teeming with answers to questions that have plagued him for so many years.   
   Set within the iniquitous town itself, ‘Sirrenvaag’ is the third book in the ‘Words to the Wise’ saga and unearths both a forgotten and discarded fragment of the world.  Faced by the relics of dark myth, insidious cults, menacing prophecies, preternatural discovery and terrifying Truths, The Wanderer begins to learn that even hope has its place amidst the residue of insanity and slaughter.


  1. vuja de
    going it hows?
    bad too not
    good too not


  2. Excellent! I recognised those words immediately with a big old smile on my face. I hope you're keeping well, my friend.

  3. it's all good this way old chap. chipper as a... er... chippy thing, in fact! do you subscribe to lucifer's rancid follicle that is facebook?

  4. I do indeed subscribe to that hellish domain, but I seldom pay it a visit. 'Tis a wretched place full of wobbly bits.