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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Eventide: The trouble with writing large novels...

    For me there is an inherent problem with writing a novel that's so damn large it keeps you enclosed in your own secluded head space and away from everybody.  The result? People believe you're no longer writing at all, and this problem is made worse when it's someone like me writing it; you see, I like to take my time. I began writing Eventide about three years ago and, as a result, lost contact with many of the people I used to converse with on a daily or weekly basis.  This is my fault.  I've never really been the type of person to 'keep in touch', as they say, and I've never really considered myself a person of interest for people to seek out online. I'm just some guy who makes up stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely bursting with charisma and I have enough confidence to land a boot in Captain America's nuts any day of the week. I suppose I'm just simply more of a private person... unless Captain America criticises anything I write.
   Eventide was simply going to be a brief side project before I continued with the writing/editing phase of my Gothic saga, 'Words to the Wise', but things haven't turned out the way I planned.  Eventide was once called 'Chainstorm'.  It was a novella I originally wrote several years ago and it was my intention to re-edit it  before releasing it.  I did so in my own inimitable style, of course, by rewriting the entire wretched thing, changing the story completely, adding new characters, subplots and everything else that rendered it completely unrecognisable in relation to the original.  What, therefore, began as a novella soon turned into a really large novel, and then what became a really large novel turned into a really really large novel that's now close to 290,000 words... and I'm still not done.  Consequently I will be releasing it in three parts, most probably a week or month apart so as to at least give people a chance to digest each book individually. 
   With Eventide I decided to go for a modern day approach as oppose to the eighteenth/nineteenth century tongue I employed in the saga.  This means Eventide comprises modern  day vernacular and also a little modern day swearing accompanied by a few explosions and misdemeanors here and there.  Eventide isn't merely about the possibility of the world ending, though.  It's about people, normal people doing normal things before being thrust into this dark and dire reality, which also has a touch  of ancient myth and some rather startlingly unearthly discoveries that I hope will raise the hairs on the nape of every reader.   
   Anyway, I decided to post this just to let people know I'm still out there hammering away and that I intend to post updates a little more regularly than I have been.  In other words I shall now be posting updates. 
Harker out

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