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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Words to the Wise: Book Three (Sirrenvaag: Part One)

Well here it is.  I've finally managed to publish the third book!  Just a few things, though, before I go: 
1. Made the curry.
2. Still waiting to hear from the Czech Republic about the 'h' recommendation.  It doesn't look good, though.
3. I managed to remove a plastic finger from a child's doll.  I've stuck it to my own hand.  The child wasn't happy about the toy.  The child cried.  I ran.
4. It was published a little later than expected, but it's published all the same.
5. The man in the moon... mooned.
6. Scrapped the old 'to do' list.
7. Made another list and then scrapped it.
8. Didn't grow up.
9. Grew up and made this list.
10.  I'm still eating the curry I made in point one.  What do you think I am, a pig?!

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